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Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, Social Networks in Barcelona Spain

At Xtravision Digital Marketing we are specialists in any digital sector. With more than 10 years of experience in our sector, we have a portfolio of more than 1000 clients around the world.

Our philosophy is to adapt to our client’s needs, you don’t have to spend thousands of euros a year to obtain results in the digital world. We create strategies for multinationals with budgets in the millions and for local neighbourhoods with extremely tight budgets.

We advise on all their movements, we offer the best techniques on the market and our team is constantly recycling to use the latest trends.

We provide digital expertise services to new companies and small businesses to find a partner for their digital media, design and development, lead generation and communications requirements.

  1. Social Media Marketing Strategies
  2. UI / UX strategy, web design
  3. Statistical analysis and SEO positioning



What Can We Offer?


Do you need innovative ideas for your project? Don’t worry, we bring you the latest market trends to ensure your creative success.

Plan of Action

We will review the most appropriate sources for your project and execute it in an organized manner to achieve the objectives set


We define the most suitable type of strategy for your project according to your needs and the analyses prior to it.

DAFO analysis

We study the strengths and weaknesses of your project on the Internet, thus finding the threats and new opportunities

Interactive Campaigns

You can count on your business coming to everyone’s ears!

The specialization in the use of technologies like HTML5 if not also with the last techniques of
diffusion in social networks, will position us in the vague of diffusion of the contents.

Digital Strategies

The importance of social networks has doubled in recent years. In the era of communication it is not only important to reach your main target, but also to keep the users who follow you informed of the most relevant changes in your business. It has been demonstrated that social networks multiply the profits of companies. For example, it is estimated that 72% of people who follow brands on twitter are more likely to buy the product.

In Profundity

Responsable de marketing visual

He will be in charge of creating visual values and creativity while dealing with images in social networks. He will also make sure that the visual assets and creative concepts of the brand are really attractive and interesting, as well as being up to date with the latest trends.

Social Media Analyst

Is responsible for analyzing the strategies of the Social Media Manager who will examine the social environment, compile statistics, create/present reports and social findings, they understand the impact of your brand content and your social networks

Communty Manager

Is in charge of executing the strategy proposed by the Social Media Manager by creating a commitment with the followers of your social networks. He or she will manage the social networks in your presence, create attractive content and share content adapted to the networks.

Social Media Manager

It will manage all the roles described above, create and administer the strategies and ensure the proper functioning of the management in social networks externally and internally.
Plan de Acción Marketing Digital

Social Media Customer Care

This is a unique role that will fall on the Community to serve your audience. Let’s say that you will be the one to manage doubts, clarifications and curiosities of your followers.

The Networks have more options

than a simple Sales Channel!

Web Development

We are a company specialized in Web Positioning, SEM, Social Media Strategies -Social Media -Community Manager, Web Development – Barcelona Spain

Visual layout

Following user aesthetic patterns. The layout of the contents will show all the necessary and useful information for the navigators who visit your website in an organized and precise way
Plan de Acción Marketing Digital


We position your website in the most used search engines. Our professionals are always at the forefront with the most effective techniques regarding positioning


Join the explosion of the digital market! Not only will you sell services or products through a professional platform, but you will also be able to analyze all the movements of your services.

Security and protection

Data is increasingly sensitive, our professionals will provide you with the most current and effective techniques on cybersecurity.


We take your brand to another level, implementing marketing strategies in digital media.


We develop optimized, effective and visually attractive websites that allow your brand to publicize and sell its products.


Our biggest commitment is that our clients create emotions and connect their audience.

At Xtravision Marketing Digital we design the best marketing strategies to position your brand. If you want to know the true power of a marketing strategy, contact us!

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